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Isla de la Juventud, Main Attractions

La Jungla de Jones

Jones Jungle

From a distance one never imagines that in the flora of the Isla de la Juventud is a forest that looks like each other so much to a forest. Jones was an American botanist that traveled for the world.

Jones and their engage they moved in 1902 to the place in which is today the jungle. Jones always returned of his trips for the world with new plants to see if they could be adopted to the acclimatized conditions of the Island.

Jones also wanted to create a botanical garden for the tourists of health that came to be treated with the thermal waters of La Fé. After Jones died his wife it continued taking care of the park until he died in the years 50 of last century after an assault of some prisoners that were able to escape from the Model Prison. With Helen's death Jones the place to lose all their fame until about 50 years later you began another time to prepare the place for lovers of the nature.

Museo de La Revolución Presidio Modelo

Model Prision

Sadly celebrated from their construction in the decade of 1920, the formerly Model Prison of the Island of Pines (today transformed into museum) is a replica of the jail Joliet, of Illinois, United States.

It possesses four circular galleries of five levels each an it was conceived to confine at 6 000 punished. There they completed condemnation the Cuban current president, Fidel Castro, and a group of their partners that July 26 1953 played the assault to the Barracks Moncada, in Santiago from Cuba.

Museo Finca "El Abra"

El Abra

The property "El Abra" is National Monument declared, it was a warm refuge for the Cuban Apostle, José Martí, during 1870 and 1871 when you grieve was 17 years of age old after having completed a brutal condemnation in the quarries of San Lázaro and the following prison in the Cabin.

It was welcomed filially during two months that served as station of the glorious one to reborn from the Apostle to a new life. The place raises a special interest in all the visitors.

El Caolín

Kaolin Lake

This trip is something very special, very advisable and it should be carried out preferably in a sunny day. The objective of the trip is a small lake - The Kaolin in a place where before kaolin was extracted.

Today you full with water and this has for the kaolin discharge quantity of minerals and a fantastic color - the lake leaves turquoise color. Also, the lake doesn't have neither fish, neither algae.

The ritual is the following one: One will take a bath in the lake. Then a place is looked for near the bank in which is mire without stones. With this mire is filled the foot body to head.

Then it is necessary to put on in the sun so that the mire dries off. At the end one returns to the water to take off the mire of the skin. The result is a super soft skin, a charm. True "Wellness· and also free. The place doesn't have any infrastructure and for that reason it is recommended of being taken drink and food.

Punta del Este Caves

Punta Este Cave

Isla de la Juventud south, Cuba
In Punta del Este the impressive caves are located where they took refuge the natives (guahanatabeyes) that navigated in their canoes for Caribbean Sea in the past.

In the roof of the denominated Cave Number 1 are conserved more than 200 pictography’s among those that concentric circles are revealed in red and black that represented the phases of the moon to calculate the most favorable moments for the sailing, as well as snakes, human figures and cross.

It is hence that this enclosure is considered by the experts as the Chapel Sextina of the art Caribbean.

Punta Francés Marine National Park

Punta Frances

The Punta Francés Marine National Park, is located in the platform submarine south - occidental of the Island of Cuba and it possesses an area of 17 924 there is.

It is Cruises Port coming from several cities of the world; the habitual ones stopped it allows to tourists' thousands to enjoy excellent beaches nautical virgin, varied offers and trips for earth to points of interest of the geography of the island.

Punta Francés possesses marine excellent funds and it has a coralline barrier of more than 400 kilometers considered inside the best conserved of the planet, in its you are flooded it can appreciate a wide variety of corals, caves and an abundant flora and fauna you marinate.

Marine Turtles hatchery

Marine Turtles Hatchery

Town of Crocodile to the south of Isla de la Juventud, Cuba.

In this center hundred of tortoiseshell copies and turtle are had for their breeding and biological studies, being this one of the few ones pierces of the world where one works with rigor and seriousness in the conservation of so legendary animals.

For the lovers of the nature, to visit this enclosure is an excellent option.

Crocodiles hatchery

Crocodiles Hatchery

This located in the south of the city "La Fé· a hatchery of crocodiles that one can visit.

A guide takes them for the hatchery and he teaches them the big crocodiles and the small ones that measure some cm.

One can sometimes see very closely, but through a grill very aggressive old crocodiles and then one can see from a distance without anything of for half other crocodiles which it is expected that they are not as the other ones. In short there is some adventure in the air.

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