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Cueva Azul

"Blue Cave"

Location: El Colony International Scuba Diving Center

Maximum depth: 40m

Descending to a depth of 130ft. you find a hole in a rock about 10ft. diameter covered with small silver glassfish. This is tarpon territory. From the hole you head out to the outer wall fascinated by the contrasting blues.

The water in the gully appears as grayish blue; within the hole it has a dark blue hue, almost black, and looking out past the wall the sea turns into a bright turquoise tone.

From this point you ascend up the face of the drop off where you see all kinds of gorgonians.

Marine life becomes more abundant when you approach the top of the wall. The excellent visibility of this site may encourage novice divers to be overconfident and take a deeper dive than they are mentally ready for. A dive this depth is only recommended for advanced divers.

Welcome to my site dedicated to the Hotel El Colony and its related Marina and International Scuba Diving Center. I am "poco a poco" researching and updating it with the aim to provide as complete as possible record of the hotel's ancient and recent history; bearing in mind that the goings-on today may one day be of historical interest.

My site is NOT the official website of the current hotel operator, and is by no means endorsed by them; but I am grateful for their help with the research.

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